BGAN delivers broadband mobile office connectivity wherever and whenever it is needed

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Standard IP

Used for accessing corporate networks via a secure VPN connection at speeds up to 492 kbps. Use email and other desktop applications, browse the internet and send large file attachments. You can even make a phone call at the same time.

Streaming IP

BGAN is the world's first mobile communications service to offer guaranteed data rates on demand. Ideal for applications where quality of service is paramount, such as live video or videoconferencing. Only available on selected BGAN terminals.


BGAN will provide high quality voice services including calls to and from mobile phones. It supports the enhanced features of terrestrial lines and mobile networks, such as voice mail, call forwarding, call hold, call barring, and call waiting. Calls can be made using a standard desktop phone, peripheral headset, or via a Bluetooth earpiece, depending on your choice of BGAN terminal.


BGAN enables you to send and recieve text messages via your laptop - up to the standard 160 characters, to or from any mobile phone.