High Frequency (HF) radio is a small part of the radio spectrum. Within this segment of radio frequencies are many services, including short-wave broadcasters, HAM radio operators, long-range marine and aircraft communications. The HF part of the spectrum is notable for its potential for long distance communications, depending on frequency and time of day. ParaComm Technologies Inc. have designed the PCX-250 and PCX-250EX to replace the legendary Spilsbury SBX-11 radios.


Two PCX-250 model is available, with either 10Watt PEP or 20Wat PEP transmit output levels, and battery capacity capable of providing days of standby operation. It's tough aluminum case and ultra durable construction are designed to survive in hot, humid environments or in the frozen reaches of the high Arctic. Brochure



The PCX-250EX SSB HF Transciever is designed for the harshest environments where long battery life, ease of use, and enduring construction are demanded. The radio case is designed for the toughest Arctic and Desert conditions, and is virtually immune to breakage. If you want the toughest radio, requiring very little knowledge of HF radios to operate, make sure your next expedition includes the PCX-250EX. The unit comes complete with a durable, ballistic nylon packsack, and extended temperature microphone. Brochure



TDA-250 Antenna

The TDA-250 antenna provides a full frequency coverage antenna solution for the portable HF user. The antenna is simply unfolded to the desired frequency, which is labeled on the wire extensions of the antenna. The antenna includes 30 feet of RD-58 low loss coaxial cable and TFE-Teflon 18 gauge wire.