Qaujimautik Systems has an interest in the usefulness of small rotating hydroponic greenhouses for use in Arctic communities. In October 2013, Qaujimautik Systems installed a rotating greenhouse at the Kuujjuaq Forum for Kuujjuamiut Inc. with funding provided by the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) Agro-Food Development sector.

If your community is interested in having an on-site hydroponic rotating greenhouse, contact us. For more information on what you can grow and our value-added monitoring, see our brochure.

What type of data are we monitoring? In our current setup, we are monitoring temperature, relative humidity, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), solar intensity, barometric pressure, carbon dioxide levels, leaf wetness, and in the nutrient/water reservoir, we are measuring pH levels, conductivity and total dissolved solids.

More information on this project and live views of the monitoring data will be seen on in the coming weeks.

HYDROPONIC GREENHOUSE - Kuujjuaq, Quebec (Kuujjuamiut Inc.)