Qaujimautik Systems Inc. sells portable satellite phones and pagers operating on the Iridium network. Low satellite orbits allow communication with compact handheld satellite phones and a small external antenna. The voice quality is clear and sharp, without the delays and echoes commonly experienced with higher-orbit satellites. Satellite phones offer the functionality of 2-way voice communication, they can be a stand-alone unit or used with a GPS transceiver. Pagers are a one-way messaging device that can recieve text messages when your phone is turned off.

Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone

The Iridium 9505A portable satellite phone is a small, light-weight phone that is ideal for industrial or rugged conditions. It is more resistant to water, dust, and shock than the original Iridium models.

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Iridium 9501 Satellite Pager

The Iridium 9501 satellite pager from Motorola is the original Iridium and the first wireless pager in history to provide total global coverage.


Grab and Go Kit

Ask about our Grab and Go kit that includes an Iridium 9505A Handset, spare battery, foldable solar charger, instruction card all enclosed in a waterproof, shock resistant, durable carry case.




How calls and text messages are placed and received with Iridium

1. Phone or pager connects to orbiting satellites

2. Signals are sent between the Iridum inter-satellite link

3. Signals are sent from a satellite to a gateway (ground station)

4. Signals are sent from the Iridium gateway to a terrestrial phone switch

5. Terrestrial switch sends signals to a home phone, a computer, or cellular network

how system works